SW617 Panorama Camera

The Horseman SW617 Pro produces unrivalled image quality coupled to a state-of-the-art camera body in a system offering technical and creative excellence.

Built on the success of the SW612 Pro camera, the SW617 features a unique lens shift option for correcting perspectives. Additionally the SW617 has interchangeable roll film holders, a range of interchangeable lenses and a ground glass viewing screen option, making this the best equipped 6x17 cm camera produced to date.

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The unique shift option is created by moving the position of the lens panel. The lens assembly runs on mirror smooth bearings which can be locked at any height. 

This lens movement effectively allows for a natural perspective control.

below:  Horseman SW617 features removable film holders
  • Six types of lens units available
  • Both Rodenstock & Schneider optics available
  • Optical viewfinders are matched to lens focal length
  • 72mm option
  • 90mm option
  • 180mm option (coming soon)
  • 250mm option (coming soon)
          The Horseman SW617 interchangeable roll film backs greatly ease the problem of a limited number of shots available on the 617 format. 

Now you can simply carry a spare film holder and continue shooting without having to move the camera position.

Optional Extras
  • Ground glass back for critical focusing and composition
  • 6x12cm roll film holder

> Click here for the SW617 system overview


Specifications :

Type Interchangeable Lens/Film Holder Wide-angle Camera
Construction Die-cast & machined aluminum alloy/steel
Format 6x17cm (Actual size: 56 x 168mm)
Focusing By measurement scale/by ground glass screen (optional)
Camera movements Rise/Fall:
17 + 17mm
Spirit levels 3 for all directions 
Film holder Interchangeable
Dimensions 137 (L) x 226 (W) x 76 (D) mm (body only)
Weight 850g (body only)

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