Horseman hybrid view camera for DSLR's

The Horseman LD is designed to bring the technical and creative possibilities of a monorail camera to Nikon and Canon fit digital SLR bodies. Now you can use tilt, swing, shift, fall, rise and any combination of these to change the lens position and angle versus the image plane.

Built on the success of the award winning 'L' series film cameras, the LD features a swing and tilt axis which stays exactly at the center of the image plane, and a variable axis tilt function which allows the photographer to position the tilt axis anywhere in the frame.

Precise rack and pinion geared rise/fall and shift mechanisms makes shooting images for stitching easy.

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*Camera body is not included (shown left)

The unique revolving camera mount allows the attached DSLR to be easily and quickly changed from portrait to landscape shooting positions.
below:  Hasselblad lens fitting for the LD camera
  • Use any view camera lens 90mm or longer with or without shutters
  • Horseman VCC lens units 80, 105 and 135mm
  • Hasselblad V-system mount lenses
  • Mamiya 645/67 lenses
  • Asahi Pentax 645/67 lenses
  • Lenses in Linhof Technika panels - use the Horseman/Linhof adapter
  • Lenses in 8cm panels - use the Horseman lens panel adapter
The Horseman LD can work with a huge range of lenses and lens adaptors including high resolution digital lenses. The shortest useable lenses are the Schneider 28mm Digitar and the Mamiya 35mm 645 lens.
Upgrade Kits
The modular design of the Horseman camera system allows several Horseman film camera models to be fitted with an LD upgrade kit.

Any camera fitted with a removable rear frame can be converted. The illustration (right) shows the removable frame locking knob. After the rear frame is removed, the LD upgrade kit can be fitted.

Horseman LS, LE and later LX/LX-C models all have removable frames.

Coming soon
Horseman is to release an adapter to allow the use of digital backs with the LD camera in the near future.
> Click here for the LD system overview  

Specifications :

Type View Camera for 35mm Digital SLRs
Construction Die-cast & machined aluminum alloy
Camera mount Canon EOS mount / Nikon F mount
Focusing Rack and pinion drive
Lens panel 140mm x 140mm
Movements Rise/Fall:
30 + 30mm, micro drive rack & pinion
Lateral shift:
30 + 30mm, micro drive rack & pinion
360 degrees
Centre tilt:
360 degrees 
Minimum flange focal distance 70mm 
Monorail 400mm
Tripod block Rack and pinion drive
External dimensions 325 (L) x 245 (W) x 420 (H) mm
Weight 4.0kg

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