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1. Order VRC-1802 transport costs
2. SW617 roll film holder
3. Used Folding reflex viewer
4. Bowens reflector set
5. Bowens snoot

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1. Lee adapter rings
2. Graduated ND filters
3. Lee wide angle adapter rings
4. Foundation filter holder
5. Graduated ND filter set

Welcome page

Phootos is an independent dealer/distributor specialised in high quality imaging equipment. We have expert knowledge of many types of digital and analogue systems.

The 'note pad' section on the far left has jottings on just some of the equipment we import and sell. Feel free to ask us to quote on any photographic equipment you may need.

Our online
Web Shop has a selection of equipment at very competitive prices.

We also offer a custom consultancy, design and manufacture service for imaging equipment used in the photo, film & graphics industries. Examples of projects we have recently completed include advising on CE accreditation for a flash lighting manufacturer and designing a camera system for making animated cinema films.

All our prices are shown in the Euro currency.
19% VAT (sales tax, MwSt, BTW, TVA, Moms, IVA, UID etc) is added to all purchases made by customers in EU countries.

Export to countries outside the EU is tax free. Some items may be subject to local import tax; details are available from your nearest tax or customs office.

Phootos Vakfoto was founded in 1987 and is based in the heart of Europe, in The Netherlands (Holland).

*(unless VAT registered)


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