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This is the Auraflash


The Auraflash 700 is developed from the only light source ever to win both Oscar and EMMY awards. The Auraflash system now brings award winning soft lighting to the stills photographer.

Auraflash will deliver an astonishingly even, almost shadow less, soft natural light of stunning quality across a huge area.

The Auraflash 700 is a complete self contained flash head and reflector system which will work with virtually any type of studio generator.

The superb light quality makes the Auraflash perfect as a light source for digital photography.
Click here to see our first digital test results.

Click here to see some model test shots.

Contact us here if you want to test Auraflash in our studio.
The Auraflash will work in combination with virtually any make and model of flash generator.

Simply change the custom cable between the Auraflash and the flash generator to use a different system.

Auraflash 700 comes complete with a 3200Ws flash tube,  650 watt modelling lamp, unique combination UV filter / safety dome / diffusor, fan cooling system, 5 metre custom pack-to-head cable and a robust 700mm diameter reflector housing.
Continuous lighting models featuring tungsten and MSR (HMI) light sources are available as Aurasoft.  Click here for more details.

The secret is on the reflector surface

This is the reflector surface Auraflash's superb quality of light is no accident.  The reflector consists of thousands of tiny, individual spheroidal convex mirrors.  Each mirror reflects angled beams of light that criss-cross one another, reducing the directness and producing an effect of softness never before achieved.  Moiré patterning is avoided by varying the mirror size and position.  The reflector is mounted in an extremely robust housing designed to stand up to the rigors of professional photography.

These features make Auraflash unique

True natural soft light - like that created by an overcast sky.  Superb quality of light.

Large evenly lit area - ideal for both studio and location work.

Direct light source - no light losses as in soft boxes.  A small generator will supply a huge f-stop.

No secondary shadows created.

Groups can now be lit using just one lamp.  The f-stop at the front of the group will be virtually the same as at the back of the group.

Less space needed in tight shooting situations.  Light spread is more that 140 degrees.

Specifications :

Maximum Flash power 3200 Ws
Minimum Flash power 50 Ws
Modelling lamp 650 W - user changeable
Cooling Automatic, by fan & conduction
Flash duration Regulated by the attached power pack
Recycle time Regulated by the attached power pack
Compatible flash packs include Balcar, Beam, Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel, Multiblitz, Norman, Profoto, Speedotron, Systems Imaging
Tripod mount 28mm spigot with 16mm socket
Weight 9,35 Kg

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