Superb value compact flash heads. Each features full and half power (modelling lamp in proportion to power selected) switchable slave cell and full compatibility with Prolinca and Elinchrom accessories.

PR20548 Prolinca 125 Flash Head 269.00
PR20550 Prolinca 250 Flash Head 329.00
PR20552 Prolinca 400 Flash Head 395.00

Each set contains a head, reflector, stand, umbrella and sync lead.

PRK014 125 One Head Starter Set 349.00
PRK015 250 One Head Starter Set 399.00

Each set contains 2x heads, 1x Hard Case,1x Stand Bag, 2x Clip-Lock Stands, 2x 16cm Reflectors, 1x Translucent Umbrella, 1x Silver Umbrella, 1x Snoot, 1x Sync Lead, Videos & Guide.

PR20582 Prolinca 125/250 Studio To Go Set 769.00
PR20583 Prolinca 250/250 Studio To Go Set   810.00
PR20584 Prolinca 250/400 Studio To Go Set 895.00

Each set contains 2x 250 heads, 1x 400 head, 1x Hard Case, 1x Stand Bag, 3x Clip-Lock Stands, 3x 16cm Reflectors, 1x Translucent Umbrella, 1x Silver Umbrella, 1x Portalite 60x60cm softbox, 1x Portalite carry bag, 1x 18cm Grid Set, 1x Sync Lead, Videos & Guide.

PR20585 Prolinca 250/250/400 Master Studio Set 1295.00

The low cost route to softer light

PR26371 85cm Translucent Umbrella 49.90
PR26360 85cm Silver Umbrella 63.00
PR26372 85cm Super White Umbrella 63.00 Prijzen ex. 19% BTW

Reflectors and their accessories take raw light and allow you to place it with precision and style!

PR26144 18cm G.P.Reflector 45.00
PR26143 16cm Wide Angle Reflector 45.00
PR26141 21cm Standard Reflector 56.00
PR26135 18cm Round Honeycomb Set 159.00
  Complete with 18cm reflector, set of 3 honeycombs and filter holder.  
PR26100 18cm 30 Round Honeycomb 33.00
PR26101 18cm 20 Round Honeycomb 49.00
PR26102 18cm 12 Round Honeycomb 73.00
PR26132 18c, Filter Holder Ring 9.50
  For use with 18cm G.P.Reflector  
EL26425 Snoot 65.00
EL26037 Barndoor Set
(requires Standard 21cm Reflector)

A softbox is the perfect soft controllable light source for so many photographic situations.

PR26125 Portalite 40x40cm Softbox 65.50
PR26127 Portalite 60x60cm Softbox 85.00
PR26128 Portalite 90x90cm Softbox 125.00
PRLB02 Portalite Carry Bag 3.60

A selection of interesting and useful items to complete your Prolinca Lighting System.

PR11075 Sync Lead (5m) 35.00
PR40203 Infra Red Flash Trigger 74.00
PR30101 Clip-Lock Stand 88-235cm   65.90
PR23002 Super Leuci Modelling Lamp 8.50
PR33090 Soft Head Bag (2 heads) 89.00
PR23190 Prolinca Hard Black Case 169.00
PR33218 Prolinca Stand Bag 39.50
PRBS01 Background System 229.00
  2x Stands,Telescopic Cross bar and bag.  
FLASHPFM PFM Flashmeter 79.00
  1/3rd stop accuracy.Cord and non cord operation. Low Battery Warning.  
* Prijs en modelwijzigingen onder voorbehoud